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For those already following the DASH diet, the reasons behind it are clear as day. For one, the diet is proven to lower high blood pressure in just 14 days without even necessarily lowering sodium intake. How can this be? Well, the Dash diet book, which is a New York Times “best seller”, gives you many different choices to turn your diet in the right direction. The focus of the DASH diet is not weight loss; the goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to help you make better food choices. On the DASH diet, weight-loss simply happens if that’s what’s right for you body.           

Based on a 1600-3000 calorie, a person is recommended to have 6-12 grain products per day. This includes 3 whole grains a day, which is important because of the numerous health benefits whole grains offer. The number of fruits and vegetables consumed is one of the key differences between the DASH diet and other diet solutions. Every day, it is recommended to eat between 4 and 6 servings of both fruits and vegetables. Most Americans only consume 2-3 servings of fruit and vegetables combined. Low fat dairy foods come in at 2-4 servings per day. Lean meats, fish and poultry come in at 1.5-2.5 servings per day. Nut servings are hashed out by the week: 3-6 servings. Fats and sweets, which are all right in moderation, are allotted 2-4 servings per day, which is completely different from many diets.           

Here are  Dash diet meal tips for a healthy body! 

1.  Raw Vegetables

Believe it or not, some vegetables lose essential vitamins and minerals when they're cooked. Take broccoli for example. Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, and kale contain myrosinase, an enzyme that helps with preventing some forms of cancer and some ulcers. Another example of a vegetable that has raw benefits is carrots. Carrots contain polyphenols, which also aid in the prevention of cancer and help with preventing heart disease. A good in-between method would be to steam your vegetables rather than boiling them. Interestingly enough, microwaving vegetables is a good way to keep them antioxidant rich. Boiling and pressure-cooking may cause vegetables to lose the most nutrients, comparatively. 

2.   Try Exotic Fruit

If you’re getting tired of buying the same old vegetables at the supermarket (read: apples, bananas, oranges, and grapes), why don’t you pay a quick visit to Chinatown and pick up cool fruit like dragonfruit, papayas and mangos? These alternative fruits offer a slew of benefits and will spice up your fruit bowl with some exotic flavor. 

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Whether you’re just moving into your first home or have been living in yours for decades, the tedious tasks of maintaining a residence never seem to get any less annoying. There is so much that goes into owning a house that one might not consider ahead of time. The everyday, mundane chores and repairs that go into keeping up a home are the farthest thing from anyone’s mind when they’re excitedly moving into a new place.

There’s a honeymoon period that occurs during the first few months of living in a new place that makes it impossible to get annoyed with the little things. During that time, you’re decorating and arranging your things in your new space, furnishing it with all of your personal belongings and affects. It’s hard to get disgruntled when there are so many new possibilities and opportunities at hand.

But, soon, the mundane of tasks begin to crop up literally out of the word work. As you start to settle into your new home, you’ll begin to notice little things that could do with some improvement. Where you were once satisfied and determined not to care whether or not the hardwood floors were as shiny as possible or whether that window would ever stay shut, now you can’t help but notice all the things that could use a good sprucing up. Not only that, you’ll also probably start to notice that things need repairs more often than not.

If you’re getting overwhelmed by realizing how many little repairs go into owning a home, don’t worry. There are often very simple little fixes that can tidy up a clogged drain or other annoyance in no time.

Here are some easy home fixes that can help get you through:

1.   For a clogged drain, the best thing to do first is to make sure that there is nothing obstructing the drain itself. Fish out any blocks before you do anything else. Next, you can try a drain-clearing solution or snake, if the clog is bad enough. There’s almost no instance where you would be able to fix it.

2.   For drafty windows, using some kind of tape or sealant is the best way to go. You want to make sure not to seal your windows all the way, as eventually you’ll want to open them again. If you pick up some good weatherizing materials, your drafty windows will be a thing of the past in no time.

3.   If you find yourself plagued with fruit flies or houseflies, you can make your own traps by setting out containers of vinegar with a drop of soap in them. The vinegar will attract the flies and the soap will kill them. This is far less expensive than extermination, and you can just throw out the traps when you’re done! It’s the best way to tackle pesky flies.

Once you can set aside the annoying tasks of home-owning, you can enjoy the fact of your dream home, such as Boston luxury condos, and get the most out of it! 

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Waste is a major problem for any company because even the most minor instances of waste in a company's supply chain can add up over time.  This means that wasteful spending and material usage, even in small amounts, may have a significant impact on the environment and in a company's bottom line.  As a result, you may want to know some of the ways that you can reduce the waste in your supply chain.

A company's supply chain is very similar to an artery in the human body as it allows a company to get the basic materials it needs to produce the products it needs to function.  Unfortunately, like an artery, there are a number of problems that can inhibit the flow of the materials that a company needs, and all of these problems have to be addressed in order for a company to function as efficiently and inexpensively as possible.  However, one of the largest supply chain problems that many companies have to deal with is waste because wasteful spending is the business equivalent of an arterial bleed.  As long as a company is wasting money and/or materials on activities it doesn't need, it is, in effect, bleeding money unnecessarily.  This means that if you want to make sure that your company is as profitable as it can be, you have to know how to reduce the waste in your supply chain as much as possible. This can usually be accomplished by considering and controlling some details that lead to waste. 

First, consider the efficiency of your design.  In many cases, you may be able to reduce the amount of materials that you waste by designing the product so that it uses less material. For example, you may want to ask your design team the following questions: Do we need to use as much plastic, metal, or other materials to produce the product as we're currently using? Are their cheaper and/or more environmentally friendly alternatives that are just as effective as the materials that we are currently using?  Are there any other ways that we can streamline the design?  These questions will help you and your design team to determine if there is some way for you to eliminate some of the waste that may be built into the product's design itself.  However, remember that sacrificing quality or safety to obtain a cheaper design is a dangerous proposition. Poor quality and safety controls will only lead to even more waste in the long-term, when customers return the product and/or threaten to sue you for the problems the product has caused.

Secondly, consider the efficiency of the manufacturing process.  Looking at the manufacturing process is important because you may be able to reduce the amount of materials that you waste by eliminating flaws in the product's production.  In other words, are there any processes that you can implement to make sure that more plastic, metal, or other materials are actually used and not thrown away?  You may also want to determine if there is any way to reuse or recycle the materials that are leftover during the manufacturing process. As any materials that you can reuse or recycle are new materials that you do not need to buy.

Finally, consider the packaging of the product.  Most products are packaged in a ludicrous amount of plastic, bubble wrap, Styrofoam, cardboard, and other materials, which means that you may be able to reduce the amount that you waste simply by packing your product with less materials than you do now.  The most important question to ask yourself about your packaging is, can you safely package the product in less than you do now?  This is important because each product that is damaged in shipping is extra costs in another product that you have to manufacture plus new set of materials that you need to buy.  As a result, you need to use more green packaging that will make big changes and won't increase the number of damaged products or cause customer dissatisfaction. 

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Many businesses have projects to tackle and every project is subject to risks that depends on the nature of the project. Project risk management helps not only concentrates on avoiding these risks in the first place but it also provides viable solutions to lessen the damage of the risk.

It is often said that in business, projects are essential and every project comes with its own set of risks. Your business may suffer loses in case any of the risks take place. Hence it is always better to devise a robust project risk management plan that covers all the risks that can affect the project. This plan should cover all risks right from the commencement of project to its completion. The risks could be internal and external. The plan will provide optimum solutions for preventing risks in the first place. If any type of risk turns into a reality then it aids in finding the optimum solutions as well. 

Risk in terms of project management refers to the possibility of a certain action that hinders the project. It could be related to any aspect of the project such as workforce, budget, time, costs, etc. It can be termed as a negative component that can adversely affect the goals of the project. We can say that project risk management is the procedure of assessing or evaluating the risks and then develop strategies to manage the risks. It involves project risk analysis, the probability of the risk occurring and solutions to tackle the risks.

The first step is risk detection. Here all the hazards related to the project are identified. The next step is to evaluate the risk and find out how much damage it can do. The last step is to devise steps either to prevent the risk from taking place or finding solutions if the risk has already happened. We also have a look at the top four lucrative and growing industries that employ project risk management.

Advisers and consultants

This is the fastest growing industry today. It consists of coaches, advisors, consultants, paid speakers, authors and psychologists. These professionals normally charger per hourly or per project rates. The net profit margins in this business is between 25% and 35%.

Accounting and financial services 

Next on the list is accounting and financial services. These services are very much in demand since they are required in all the businesses and projects. This type has the longest client relationships. They also incur the lowest costs to retain clients. Profit for this group is between 23 and 26%.

Legal specialists 

Lawyers make excellent profits since majority of the big projects will need their services. Many clients are attained through referrals and hence there is not much cost in acquiring clients. Some of the most profitable areas for them include tax and estate planning, criminal law, defence and DUI.


Dentistry is turning out to be a great money churner. A dentist can do various treatments to various patients simultaneously. The operating costs are relatively low and they enjoy high average dollar transactions. Returns are quite good between 18% and 22%.


Designers are seen in many fields such as clothes, décor, structures and even accessories. The returns are between 16% and 19%. They get paid well depending on their designing skills. Here time and customers are the greatest assets. 

This article was written by Morton Bradley, an experienced Risk Management Consultant and Alliance Manager. His experience includes helping companies conduct IT risk assessments, consulted on disaster recovery procedures for clients, and he has worked with a number of project riks management.

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If you want to help protect our planet, there are many things that can be done to clean up the environment. They don't have to be difficult, either. By doing a few small steps, you will be able to do your part to safeguard the environment and make the wor

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The document review process can be long and tedious, but by staying organized well before document review becomes necessary, you will be doing yourself a big favor. Also, learn to automate the process with top of the line software and a service that organizes any found data for you effectively.

The document review process can be overwhelming for an attorney’s office, but by properly rolling things out, an attorney can actually get the better of the review process. There are many document review services out there, but the main thrust of these businesses is the same; by storing data more thoroughly, you can speed up the document review process and become a lot more efficient at the same time. Proper data storage is the key to a good document review. A well prepared attorney knows how to automate this process as much as possible and speed up the process all while making it more accurate at the same time.

The first step is to put data where it belongs in the first place. Simply saving everything into the same folder on your hard drive is not adequate. The best offices will put like files together in order to have everything that belongs together in the same place when it comes time to retrieve files. For example, having all business contracts in the same folder, alphabetized by client or organized by contract date will make finding exactly what you are looking for much easier. When you know where to find your files, the document review process becomes a lot easier.

Next, you will want to automate the process. Knowing where your files are is important, but this doesn’t help you scan through them any faster. If you have a thousand files to search through, having a software program that can read through them and flag keywords and phrases will help you sort through your documents much more quickly. A busy office will have tens of thousands of files to search through and doing this by eye doesn’t save time. A single computer program can read quicker than a team of humans can, so this is the best way to go. Document review software has a price attached to it, but the time and labor that it will save you makes this software well worth the price tag.

The best way to do this is to have a good filing system to begin with. The more organized you are beforehand, the easier finding files and important clauses will be when the time becomes necessary. Stay organized and you will save a lot of time down the road.

Finally, you want to make sure that things are conducted in as professional and efficient of a manner as humanly possible. Finding files that are relevant is one thing, knowing what to do with them is another. Once your data is being uncovered, you need a good way to organize that data so that a court can understand what is going on. Document review is great, but it serves a higher purpose. Organizing and laying out data appropriately is the only way to make document review services as worthwhile as possible. Make sure that whatever service you choose has a good method of applying what they have found to whatever scenario you might find yourself within.

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If you're trying to go on a diet, there are numerous smartphone apps that can help you during the process. Here's a list of the most popular and most effective smartphone apps for starting and maintaining a diet. 

Trying to lose weight may appear difficult for some people. This is why they tend to go for Life insurance with no medical exam, as they're worried that their weight means they'll be charged higher premiums by insurance companies. But you can get some help in losing weight from apps that you can download onto your smart phone. Remember that the app won't actually do the weight loss for you, as you still need to make some changes to your diet and physical activity levels. But many apps can make it a lot simpler to lose weight by tracking the amount of calories you eat and the exercise time you get. Here are some of the best diet apps that you can get today: 

Lose It!

This free app for the iPhone has received very good grades from reviewers. It lets you adjust your diet based on your weight loss objectives. You can instantly see how many calories you have remaining for the day. One good thing about this app is that it has a food database, including items sold at numerous restaurants and groceries. This means you won't need to spend time researching how many calories are in the foods you eat. 


This is another calorie tracker, but it has a unique feature: you can scan the item's UPC barcode with your phone's camera and it will instantly recognize it, making calorie management a lot more simple. For items that don't have barcodes, such as fruits and meat products, you can search for the item manually in the app's comprehensive database. 


There are hundreds of weight loss diets available, which can mean researching your food options can take quite some time. Diet2Go helps you keep it simple. This app allows you to select the type of diet you are on, and presents you with meal plans for the week. It also gives rating information about various diets. 

The Eatery

This is a free app that not only lets you track your dieting, but also lets you get feedback from other users. Those who have the app can give ratings about different types of meals. These ratings are then added up into statistics. While the ratings are by no means scientific as they rely on the public's opinion, they can be used to guide you with your diet plans. 


This is a simple app that has one main purpose: to track your weight. You just enter your weight on the app's home screen, and it will help you calculate your BMI. The app also shows how your weight has progressed over time, and how many pounds you need to shed before you attain your weight loss goals. While it doesn't track foods like the other apps, it is nonetheless a useful tool for those on a diet, as a large number of people who start a diet program want to lose some weight.

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This simple act of putting together all your contacts will come to be extremely meaningful to your online business down the line. You can think of building an email list the way you would think of nourishing a body. The better and more appropriate the nutrients you choose to take in, the better off you will be in the long run. An online marketing firm would be able to tell you exactly what the benefits to building a mass email list are, but at the end of the day it comes down to having a loyal group of people who actually want to hear from you on a regular basis. 

It is a far better strategy to expand the world’s awareness of your company in this way, rather than through random outreach. This way, you already know that the people you’re emailing are interested in your business. This will be such a weight off your shoulders moving forward. After all, why would you waste your time emailing people who may have no use for your product? It is far better to have a smaller list of people who are actually interested in doing business with you than a huge group of people who may have no idea who you really are. Being smart about your email list is the way to go, so here are some tips and strategies for putting your list together. 

1. Start with the people who have actually bought things from you already. Offer customers a chance to sign up for your emails when they make a purchase.  on1. your company’s website. 

2. Social networking sites are also a fantastic way to get new people buzzing about your product. Just put out some super shareable content and hopefully you’ll be raking in a whole new set of emails. 

3.Incentivize your emails in such a way that your customers will share your deals with friends and family. This will help you spread the word about your company beyond your original range of interest. 

4. The best way to win over new customers is by offering them a deal. Put together a discount or coupon package for new customers to take advantage of upon their arrival, as this will keep them coming back. 

5. Look at similar websites to see what kind of people are interested in what you’re selling. Getting a good idea of your demographic can be very helpful in the long run.  

Your email list should be as personalized as possible, so that you get the best results that you can from it. Be strategic about who you email, and especially make sure not to email anyone who might consider your messages to be SPAM. If you think ahead and put some effort into cultivating your email list, your company will be much better off for it! So start brainstorming ways to put these tips and tricks into work for your online marketing campaign! 

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In today’s world, reading has become a much more private act. Gone are the days when you’d slip your erotic novel into a textbook to read on an airplane without shame. Now, with our e-readers, it is easy to read anonymously. Nobody need know that I am sighing at the escapades of a burly pirate or blushing at the wantonness of a princess. 

E-readers have opened up a new world for those of us who love reading the top erotic books of the day but don’t want the entire world to know about it. No longer do we have to try to shield the exposed breasts of the cover heroine from the eyes of children on the subway, as I did a few years ago… goodness that was awkward when the little girl’s mother glared at me. Now, all the children see is the plain back panel of a Kindle or iPad or Nook. 

It’s because of this anonymity in reading that more and more people are choosing to read romance literature. I know I was much less willing to read a top erotic book in public back when people could see that I was reading erotica. It’s not that I am ashamed of the genre, I just prefer a sense of privacy, as many others do. Romance novels are one of the top selling genres of literature, and now that e-readers are so prominent, I expect the number of top erotic book sales to climb even higher. 

Whether they be popular authors such as Jaci Burton, E L James, Nora Roberts and Linda Howard or brand new writers who have self-published their romance novel and sold it on the Amazon online store, I expect all of them will be gaining readership from those who wouldn’t have purchased their books when other people could see the covers. The anonymity of an e-reader provides a sense of safety to those who are uncomfortable with expressing their love of the genre of erotic fiction. Personally, I think it’s splendid.            

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A good sports or entertainment agent needs a background in both law and business. Getting your MBA is a good idea here, but you might be wondering how to best finance your educational goals. With a mixture of scholarships, loans, grants, and income from working, you can realize your dreams.

Harvard law alumni might be interested in expanding their career options outside of just practicing the law. For example, if you are looking to become a sports agent and run your own agency, getting your MBA in addition to a law degree can be a great way to gain the knowledge that is necessary to be successful in this field. The combination of law and business degrees will prove to be helpful when dealing with contract negotiations and bonuses. Still, many people are reluctant to take on a new degree because these can be extremely time consuming and expensive. Luckily, in today’s world, almost anyone can finance a new degree if they take the proper steps and stay disciplined. There are many loans and scholarships out there. There are also many ways to finance your education while working.

The first step is to see if you are eligible for any student loans or grants. The federal and state governments have a lot of money that you can borrow for your education and you will more than likely have a very low interest rate as long as your credit score is decent. Just remember that you will be paying off these loans for several years after you graduate. Think about consolidating your loans once you graduate in order to make your payments as easy as possible for you.

Next, you want to apply for scholarships. Many schools offer leadership scholarships that will help offset a lot of the cost of getting your MBA. There are many organizations out there that are willing to give you money if it will benefit them, too. If you already are practicing law as a junior partner, perhaps your firm will front some of the cost for you so that you can help them out in the future because of your advanced knowledge.

If all else fails, you can work your way through school. There are many jobs out there for law school graduates, and many of them are high paying. If you are struggling with bills and other expenses already, you might want to consider moonlighting in a nonrelated field. There is no shame in this; your hard work will more than payoff for you down the road. The main drawback here is that it requires a big time investment and can be stressful at times. You want to take care of your mental health, but you should also continue to reassure yourself that the hours you pour into this now will make you happier in several months time when you are within the career path that you have dreamed about.

Sports and entertainment agents are a great field for former law alumni to go into, and an MBA will help you to better manage your clients and other employees. There is no doubt that this is a demanding field, but if you put in the hard work now, you will definitely see the rewards later on when you are making a lot of money and having fun doing so.

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