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Pre-employment testing is becoming more and more common in the world of employment. While these types of tests used to be popular only in certain industries and were usually given only by larger corporations, in today's world web based pre-employment testing has grown. 

This means that an increasing number of small and medium sized businesses are also going to use them to evaluate the suitability of their candidates for a certain position in the company. When looking for a new job, many candidates are worried as to whether they will be able to pass the pre-employment test used at the company that they're going to be applying for a job. There are a few things that you can do to help ensure that you will be able to pass such a test. Here are some of them:

Become familiar with the requirements for the positions and your expected job duties

Doing so will let you know a bit more about what you can expect to find on the test. Be sure to read the job description thoroughly, as it will usually give you plenty of useful details on what skills will be required for the job, as well as what tasks you will be expected to perform. Once you know this, you will have a much better idea as to what kind of content is going to be on the test that you're going to take.

Ask someone who already works in a similar position at the company that you're applying at

If you know someone who is already employed at the company that you're applying for, you may want to ask them a bit more details about what will be found on the test. This will give you a general idea of the things that the employer is focusing on when testing their candidates. However, don't expect the test that you're going to take to be exactly the same. Many companies, especially larger ones, have several versions of tests that are changed on a regular basis in an effort to discourage people from sharing test questions and answers.

Go online and take some practice tests

There are many online services which provide practice tests that are similar to what you could expect an employer using in a pre-employment screening test. Some of these services are free, while others require a small payment. There are practice tests available for many different industries, such as accounting, insurance, finance, etc. By taking them, you will be able to see not only what kind of questions you can expect to be asked, but also determine what your strong points and your weak points are. 

Review some of your course notes and materials

If you've recently done studies in an area that is related to the position that you're going to apply for, reviewing some of your course notes and other learning materials prior to taking the test can often be of a great help to prepare yourself for the test.

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This article goes beyond describing how to best find the most proven networking opportunities. It describes 10 distinctive events that will describe any professional entrepreneur’s personal resources.

Remember two oft-repeated, enduring maxims when beginning an active, aggressive professional-networking strategy: good hunting is where you find it, and fortune favors the bold.

If you yearn to go forth and talk shop extensively at networking events with fellow professionals and entrepreneurs, we can only reasonably presume that you’re hoping you’ll come upon untapped knowledge and resources that will tantalize your profit-oriented thinking.

Nowadays, niche conferences abound catering to the unique needs and issues of many particularly skilled, ambitious go-getters. When reasonably, stick with the most field-specific events possible. Though profession-tailored conferences will probably prove the most fruitful, there are some can’t-miss networking events that hone general skills that many professions and sectors adapt in their own unique ways.

In particular, we’d all do well to rarely miss an instructional networking event zeroed in on ever-changing social media.

Start with the internationally organized Social Media Week. With events, seminars and happenings hosted in Hong Kong, San Francisco, Toronto, New York and myriad other cities every February and September, it’s more a series of great catch-all networking events hosted and organized locally by a broad assortment of digital, social media and mobile experts. Most importantly, there’s almost assuredly something happening wherever you may find yourself.

If Social Media Week proved fruitful and intriguing, then note that once a year on dates that vary annually by city, the likes of Austin, New York, Tel Aviv, San Francisco and other locales host their own respective takes on the Twitter-centric 140 Character Conference. These brisk networking events embody the Ferris Bueller philosophy: life moves pretty fast. Jeff Pulver organized this event premiering in New York in 2009 to be a series of network events in which professionals exchange ideas in real-time at rates of 140 characters or less. Individual talks clock in at 10 minutes or less, whereas featured panel discussions can be as succinct as 15-20 minutes each. These are networking events that don’t waste a motion.

Entrepreneurs have veritable buffets before them of networking events doubling as support groups for folks accepting the daunting challenges of starting a personal business and enlightening idea exchanges. Some even cater to narrow niches facing unique hurdles in entrepreneurship, such as the monthly meet-ups that span 107 communities across the United States, India, Europe and Thailand. These events aid younger businessmen and women leading their brands in swapping perspectives and concerns without fearing communication breakdowns in generation gaps.

More broadly, there are the Entrepreneurs Roundtable events held monthly in New York and bi-monthly in Tokyo and Istanbul. A revolving-door lineup of entrepreneurs and investors leads each regular seminar’s presentation on startup strategy, complete with a concluding Q&A session.

Whatever networking events lure you into the idea exchange, remember one last tip: keep your ears open. You never know who’s about to announce, “Oh, I just came from this amazing conference! You missed out…”

Ruth Watery is a Harvard business school alumni with a degree in international business. She’s always traveling across the globe to foreign countries, and using her Harvard alumni credit card to develop her credit score at no cost, which lets her pursue her career without any setbacks.

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Avoiding unhealthy foods doesn't have to be all about beating yourself up to stop cravings. If you really take a couple minutes to taste better food, you may find that you actually prefer not to eat them.

With all of the decadent, delicious and utterly delectable ads on TV, the internet and just about everywhere, it can be a real challenge to maintain your self control and, consequently, maintain a healthy lifestyle. Food just keeps getting faster, less expensive and less nutritious, but the convenience factor in the typical helter skelter American daily life often outweighs the health concerns. As a result, a great number of people live with a high blood pressure diet, filled with saturated fat, added sugar and high sodium levels. Cheeseburgers, french fries, fried chicken and packaged cakes and cookies are all obvious culprits, but misleading foods that are advertized as healthy, such as salads and wraps can be just as treacherous to your health. It's important to make sure you're armed with tools that help you to tell the difference between healthy, unhealthy and downright disastrous. After doing so, and with a little determination and self control, you'll likely be able to train your brain and body to not only know what's right and wrong, but to reject the bad stuff outright.

First, the obvious. If you're hitting the drive through for your meals, your'e not doing your body any favors. Fast food, no matter how they like to spin it in the commercials, is almost never fresh, is often fried in oil that contains harmful polyunsaturated fats and, while seemingly filling, chock full of an abundance of empty calories. The ads can talk all they want about fresh salads, but the truth is that most of these salads are covered in all manner of fried chicken, steak, ham, cheese and fatty dressings which completely defeat the purpose of opting for the greens over the burger. Eating this way regularly is a one way ticket to a high blood pressure diet, which can eventually lead to complications such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

If you're going to avoid these types of foods, you should have a game plan. It can be a good idea to make your lunch for the next day at work ahead of time, so that you aren't forced to join the rest of the crew in invading the pizza place next door. Baked chicken and oven roasted vegetables are easy to make the night before, and can even be great cold over a salad. Make sure to limit the amount of salt you put on your food, and opt for a vinaigrette over ranch or blue cheese dressings. Eat a decent sized, but healthy breakfast too. Studies have shown that the reason people reach for candy and other high sugar, high sodium snacks during the day is because they skipped breakfast or didn't eat enough. As a result, hunger sets in along with a devil may care attitude towards what goes in to the body.

The most important point of all is to eat mindfully. If you take the care to cook and properly prepare your food with good quality ingredients, sit down and enjoy it. Chew your food thoroughly, and taste every bite before you swallow it, avoiding too many distractions in the process. Do this for a while, and you may realize that you actually love fruit. You love vegetables. Foods will be seasoned enough on their own, and snacks like sliced tomatoes with a little bit of olive oil and a dash of salt will replace potato chips with sour cream dip. The mindful eating shift can train your taste buds to tell your brain, “Hold on!Why does this taste like I'm licking the bottom of a salt lake?” when you bite into that $1 fried chicken sandwich. Before you know it, a high blood pressure diet will be a thing of the past, not just because you're fighting your temptations, but because you actually prefer the taste of healthy eating.


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